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Blind Bag -- Little Fellas Resin Keychains



This listing is for a special run of Little Fella resin keychains. When we make Helping Hands we usually have leftover resin and that gets dumped into some old Little Fellas molds we have. We've cleaned them up as best we can and packaged them into blind bags for you to enjoy. The colors and models will be completely random!

These are made of scrap resin, essentially. They are not pressure cast, which means they are FULL of flaws. Lots of bubbles, weird marks, missing spike/teeth tips, you name it! They are super rough and some have sharp edges. We clean them up as best we can and attach the keyrings ourselves.

THESE ARE NOT BODY SAFE! They are intended as a novelty, not as something to put inside your body. They are NOT safe for that. 

The full line-up of models is not represented here. These keychains include: Aelits, Deelits, Ceelas, Batous, Lons, Yuris, Ohdans, Ziqs, Fornaxes, Tyvs, and all the Vibe Sleeve models. There may be a Vetti, but I'm not sure.

Again, models and colors are totally random and you may receive duplicates. This is a blind bag listing, so it's going to be a surprise!