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Friend Request Leftover Stock - Strawberry Cream


– Sold Out

Whenever we put up a batch of Friend Request colors there's always some leftovers from the production of them. Sometimes we make extras up front for color testing and examples. Sometimes we just make extras while we're making stock to fill orders. Whatever the reason, we're usually left with a batch of pre-made Friend Requests that need a home!

This is all the leftover stock of our Strawberry Cream color! Strawberry Cream is a lovely mix of matte white, pearly pink, and flashes of gold sparkle. These toys are pre-made, NOT made-to-order like our usual Friend Requests. The toys you see in the photos above are the specific toys being offered in this listing. 

If you'd like to check the sizing on any of the toys offered you can find that info on their specific pages over here.