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Friend Request -- Xymon -- All Sizes




**Before buying, please familiarize yourself with our Store Policies and Shipping Policies. For information on silicone firmnesses, please visit the Our Silicone page.**

This listing is for Small, Medium, and Large size Xymon Friend Requests. Please see our Xymon page for sizing info. Toys purchased from this listing will be made once the order has been placed. You will be asked to choose a model, a silicone firmness, and a color option from the list provided. We do not currently offer Large Xymon in super soft firmness because that firmness is more prone to tearing when being pulled from the mold. 

Please see the photos in this listing for examples of the current color options available. These are not photos of the actual toy you will receive, they are examples of what they could look like. Please note that toys ordered in soft (0030) silicone or super soft (0020) will have more blending of colors than toys ordered in medium (0050) silicone. Softer silicone blurs colors together easier. If you are ordering a specific color (not a surprise of any sort) we guarantee that every toy ordered will have all the colors listed for the option you choose, but we do not guarantee what the ratio or placement of the individual colors will be. It’s all a surprise until you open the box! 

The current color options are:

-Briney Deep: dark blue, pale aqua, and pale green, all full of shimmers

-Night Life: black, purple, and hot pink, all full of shimmers

-Purple Surprise: These pours will emphasize the color purple. There may be other colors in the toy, but the primary color will be some shade of purple.

-Void Opal Adjacent Surprise: This coloration features a style very similar to our Void Opals, but with different colors. Void Opal is black/pale aqua/pale purple. Void Opal Adjacent pours have a dark shimmery color mixed with two or three other pale shimmery colors. Sometimes there's more of the dark color, sometimes there's more of the light colors.

-Surprise! This is a full surprise for folks who just don't want to choose.

Our surprise options are guaranteed to be at least 3 colors. These are NOT GUIDED surprise toys! If you are at all choosy about your color preferences DO NOT CHOOSE THE SURPRISE OPTIONS. We do not take suggestions or share pics of the finished toy before shipping and will not take returns.