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Medium Tenta Twirl -- Soft silicone -- TT-920


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Medium Tenta Twirl
Firmness: Soft (0030)
Color: dark blue, dark red, dark green
**Important Note: Our recent batch of soft silicone feels a bit more firm than usual. This toy may feel somewhere between soft (0030) and medium (0050). The toy is safe to use, it's just an occasional issue we have with the silicone.

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 5.75 inches
Diameter of the tip: 1.5 inches
Circumference of the tip: 4.5 inches
Widest diameter: 2 inches
Widest circumference: 6 inches
Base diameter: 2.3 inches

The Tenta Twirl’s design was originally one of our vibe sleeve options that we decided might make a nice insertable toy all on its own. It has a nice, pointed tip that’s soft and blunt. The toy has the spiral shape of a coiled tentacle. There are some light textures on the tentacle, but the textural focus is on the ridges it forms as it twists. This tentacle isn’t so much a wiggler as it is a twister, coiled and ready for fun!