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Small Vetti -- Soft silicone -- V-626


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Small Vetti
Firmness: Soft (0030)
Color: pearl white, pale gold, glow
**Important Note: Our recent batch of soft silicone feels a bit more firm than usual. This toy may feel somewhere between soft (0030) and medium (0050). The toy is safe to use, it's just an occasional issue we have with the silicone.

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 5.5 inches
Useable length: 4.75 inches
Diameter of the head: 1 inches
Circumference of the head: 3 inches
Widest shaft diameter: 2 inches
Circumference of the shaft: 5.5 inches
Base diameter: 3 inches

The idea behind Vetti’s design was that we wanted to create a plug that had a lot of different textures on it. The head is upturned with a soft point. The shaft of the plug has different textures on both sides: plates on one side and little lumps on the other. The base is wide for stability and is meant to resemble an insect’s exoskeleton.
Vetti is a fun little bug with a lot of energy. She loves being outdoors and enjoys an active lifestyle. She’s looking for a partner who can keep up with her and her excitement! Vetti tries to use her stinger in the most gentle way, and she hopes someone will appreciate her unique shape.