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Cotton Toy Bags - Tendril Logo


Are you in need of a safe and discreet way to store your silicone toys? We've got a solution! We present to you our cotton toy bags! 

These are 8 x 12 inch black cotton drawstring bags with a iron-on decal in the shape of our tendril logo. We buy the bags pre-made, but cut and apply the decals ourselves.  All bags have been put through a washing machine on a sterilize cycle with no detergent in order to remove any chemicals before we press on the decals.

This listing is for bags with our Tendril Logo in a choice of 4 matte iron-on material colors: neon pink, light purple, aqua, and neon green. The third image in the listing shows a small and medium Tyv (not included) to illustrate the size of the bags. They can hold any of our small sizes, most (if not all) of our mediums, and even some of our large size toys! 

Please note that our Tendril Logo design has changed slightly and will not exactly match older versions of this bag!

A word of caution! These decals are applied with heat and may degrade over time. We suggest turning the bag inside out if you're going to machine wash it and use the gentle cycle. Tumble dry is recommended. And be advised that these bags have only been washed once and should be washed with similar colors to avoid discoloring lighter colored laundry.

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