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This design is called Qarl (pronounced like the name Carl).
Qarl is our second seasonal design! It will only be sold in our shop between our first Pride drop in June through the first drop of September. Once it hits September we'll pack the molds up until the following June.

The idea we had for Qarl was to design a long toy with swell at the top, a knot towards the bottom, and a very sturdy, textured base. There is some gentle texture down the length of the shaft and the knot isn't too large. There's sufficient space beneath the knot that the toy manages to stand up on its own in Soft, Medium, and Firm silicone. There are many raised feathers all over the base of this toy to give some extra texture to play with.

This toy is known to get bubbles at the tips of its feathers on the base. When possible we trim these bubbles down to make the toy easier to clean and less likely to tear at those weak points. This sometimes results in feather tips that appear a bit more blunt. This is an aesthetic issue that is just part of the toy. Larger bubbles that need more noticible trims will likely be discounted.


All measurements are approximate in inches.

Small Measurements
Price: $45 each

Total length: 6.5"
Useable length: 5"
Diameter of the head: 1.1"
Circumference of the head: 4"
Widest shaft diameter: 1.65"
Circumference of the shaft: 5"
Widest knot diameter: 1.8"
Circumference of the knot: 5.5"
Base diameter: 3.5"

Medium Measurements
Price: $70 each

Total length: 8"
Useable length: 6"
Diameter of the head: 1.4"
Circumference of the head: 5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2"
Circumference of the shaft: 6.25"
Widest knot diameter: 2.2"
Circumference of the knot: 6.75"
​Base diameter: 4.25"

Large Measurements
Price: $100 each

Total length: 9.5"
Useable length: 7"
Diameter of the head: 1.6"
Circumference of the head: 5.5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2.3"
Circumference of the shaft: 7"
Widest knot diameter: 2.6"
Circumference of the knot: 8"
​Base diameter: 5"


Species: Feathered Dragon

Male - He / Him

​A dazzling feathered hunk who's always looking for a party

Beefy, outgoing, not the sharpest tool in the shed, but definitely the brightest crayon in the box!

Never skips leg day

If given the opportunity to take his shirt off and dance around, he'll have done it five minutes ago

Looking for friends and partners who can keep up with his insatiable desire to hit the gym, party, and just generally be seen and heard having a great time!

Qarl’s art was created by Scribble Minion!