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These are our Emme eggs (pronounced like the letter M)!

We recently upgraded our eggs from hand sculpted models to these lovely, smooth digital sculpts! They still feature viney tentacles and planty textures, giving them a unique surface texture. They are fun to squish in your hands or they can be used internally in some cases.


We offer 4 different sculpts of our eggs and they range in size to give users a little more control over how they want to play. The A and B style eggs are smallest, while C and D style eggs are large and offer more of a challenge!


These eggs have a flat bottom and may be challenging to remove when inserted vaginally. These are NOT safe for anal play because they do not have a retrieval cord, and we do not recommend them for that use! If you are not experienced with the use of kegel egg type products we DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product. Without a retrieval cord they can be challenging to remove depending on the shape of your body and we cannot offer medical advice on how to use them!


It is not unusual for this toy to have an occasional bubble on the side of one of the vines. These are a cosmetic issue and will not impact use. If you are worried about this, this may not be the toy for you.


All measurements are approximate in inches.

Small Egg Measurements
Price: $25 per pair

Total height: 2.5 inches
Widest circumference of A: 6 inches
Widest diameter of A: 1.75 inches

Widest circumference of B: 6 inches
Widest diameter of B: 1.75 inches

Widest circumference of C: 6.5 inches
Widest diameter of C: 2 inches

Widest circumference of D: 7 inches
Widest diameter of D: 2 inches

Medium Egg Measurements
Price: $35 each

Total height: 3.8 inches
Widest circumference of E: 7.5 inches
Widest diameter of E: 2.4 inches

Widest circumference of F: 8 inches
Widest diameter of F: 2.6 inches


Species: Flora

Female - She / Her / Hers

Looking for friends to share a family with

Emme is polyamorous and has lots of love to give!

Extroverted with a bubbly personality

Enjoys physical affection with her many, many limbs

Emme's art was created by @atxavery on Instagram