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This design is called Nellen (pronounced like the name "Ellen" but with an N at the beginning). This is a toy with a long tapered insertable section as well as a short stubby side. There is a lot of texture at the base for grinding on.

The idea here was to create a beginner friendly toy that still had a lot of exciting textures and sculptural features. The tongue is long enough that it would be appropriate for some depth play. Because of how thin the long tongue is, this toy is very soft and bendable, not rigid at all.

Please note! This model is prone to getting bubbles in the tips of the small teeth. This happens because sometimes silicone has a hard time filling into small areas of the mold. These bubbles are an aesthetic issue and can still be cleaned safely. Any bubbles that do not look safe will be snipped to make them easier to clean.
We do not discount for bubbless unless they are excessive.
This is a known issue with this model.

Nellen was sculpted by Kuromin.


All measurements are approximate in inches.

Small Measurements
Price: $45
Total height: 6"

Useable length (long): 5"
Useable length (short): 2"
Diameter of the tip (long): 0.75"
Diameter of the tip (short): 0.5"
Circumference of the tip (long): 2"

Cirumference of the tip (short): 2"
Widest shaft diameter (long): 1.3"

Widest shaft diameter (short): 1.25"
Circumference of the shaft (long): 4.25"

Circumference of the shaft (short): 4"
Base diameter: 2.8"

Medium Measurements
Price: $65

Total height: 8"

Useable length (long): 6.5"
Useable length (short): 3"
Diameter of the tip (long): 1"
Diameter of the tip (short): 1.75"
Circumference of the tip (long): 3"

Cirumference of the tip (short): 2.75"
Widest shaft diameter (long): 1.75"

Widest shaft diameter (short): 1.5"
Circumference of the shaft (long): 6"

Circumference of the shaft (short): 4.75"
Base diameter: 3.5"


Species: Alien Hive Queen
Female - She / Her

Working mom with a lot on her plate

Manages to find ways to balance caring for her expansive brood while running her empire and also making it to the gym every week

Excited to make it to the bi-weekly book club, but is also just as happy hosting a wine night for her friends

Loves to travel and would enjoy taking a new partner with her to see the sights the universe has to offer

She's not looking for a co-parent, but she wants someone who can handle a lot of lady with a high energy schedule

Nellen's art was created by Scribble Minion