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Our Silicone


Here at Strange Bedfellas we use 100% platinum cure silicone for all our toys. Platinum silicone is the standard for body safe silicone toys. It is a non-porous material that can be sterilized easily. Platinum silicone can be boiled in water safely. The silicone we use is also certified skin safe.

We use Eco-flex and Dragon Skin silicones produced by Smooth-On to make our toys. These silicones are strong, durable, stretchy, soft, and very sturdy! We do not use any additives such as Slacker or Slide STD to adjust the feel of our toys. We use a mold release called Ease Release 200 to keep our toys for sticking to their silicone molds. All our toys are washed before we bag them to scrub the release spray off.

To color our silicone we use a couple of different pigments. We use a wet pigment called Silc-Pig, which is made by Smooth-On and formulated to pigment platinum cure silicone. In addition to that, we also use cosmetic micas of various size for color and sparkle. In order to make glow-in-the-dark toys we use a glow powder sold by a different company. The new glow powder we use is finer than the Glow Worm we used to use, so we now include glow pigments in softer silicones.

We do NOT use glitter of any kind in our toys! While some micro glitters can be safe, craft glitter is NOT safe to use in silicone toys since it can cut its way out of the surface during use of the toy. If you see something sparkly in our toys that looks like glitter, it’s cosmetic mica of a larger flake, which is a safer alternative to glitter. These are the only things we use to color our silicone.

Silicone Firmness

Silicone firmness can be a tricky thing to describe! We know it’s important to our customers to find the firmness that’s right for them, so I’ve written this guide to try to help explain what to expect from our silicone. If you still have questions after reading this guide please feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them! Understand that this guide is based on my (Meesh) personal observations.

The Firmnesses We Offer Are:

Super Soft (0020): Our super soft silicone is 00-20 shore. It is incredibly squishy and has a firmness similar to dense marshmallow.

Soft (0030): Our soft silicone is 00-30 shore. It has a firmness similar to soft body tissue.

Medium (0050): Our medium silicone is 00-50 shore. It has a firmness similar to unflexed muscle.

Firm (10A): Our firm silicone is 10A shore. It has a firmness similar to flexed muscle. This firmness is only available in select toys.

Near Clear 31 (NC 31): A specialty soft silicone. This is slightly firmer than our Soft (0030) but not as firm as our Medium (0050). Read below for common issues with Near Clear.

The shores of our firmness are as described by the manufacturer. We do not individually measure each toy for firmness. If we use a 0030 silicone to make a toy, that’s how it will be listed in the shop. There are many small factors that go into the perceived firmness of a toy, though. One poured in our medium 0050 silicone may feel quite different from another toy poured with the same silicone.

Some examples of factors that may make a toy’s firmness feel different than expected:

  • - Pigments used: using more cosmetic mica or glow powders can make a toy feel firmer than expected. Using only wet pigments like Silc-Pig can make a toy feel less firm than toys with more mica or glow powder in them.
  • - Size and shape of the toy itself: smaller toys with smaller diameters will feel softer than bigger toys made with the same silicone. Slim and small toys feel much softer in soft silicone than some folks expect. We do not recommend soft silicone for smaller toys unless you want a VERY soft and squishy toy. Conversely, medium firmness silicone can feel much firmer as the toy gets bigger. We do not recommend medium or firm firmness for larger toys unless you want a VERY sturdy toy with little give. Soft firmness can feel closer to medium firmness the thicker a toy gets.
  • - Other factors like temperature and composition of the materials can lead to silicone firmnesses varying some. Sometimes it comes from the manufacturer feeling a little softer or firmer than expected and we just do our best with what we get.

Firmness Recommendations

We’ve seen some folks expressing that they expected a toy to feel a certain way based on the firmness description and not feeling that firmness of the toy ordered. This is a little guide to hopefully help customers make an informed decision on what firmness will work best for what they’re looking for.

Super Soft Silicone

Our softest silicone can be very very soft and squishy! We very rarely use this firmness of silicone because it can be easy to damage. It is incredibly difficult to use thin, small toys in this firmness because it's just so dang squishy. We don't even make knotted toys in this firmness because there's really not much of a point. This firmness is reserved for larger sizes. Larger toys made in this firmness can usually stand on their own (but this isn't always the case), and are incredibly squishy. The surface of these toys also feel a little more tacky than firmer silicones.

To sum up: Super soft is best for big toys and is rarely used in the shop for smaller toys. It's best for people who want a LOT of squish and wobble.

Soft Silicone

This is our softest commonly used silicone and can be very soft! The smaller a toy, the softer it feels. Slim toys like our Aelit and Deelit are so thin that they feel incredibly squishy in this firmness. Thin toys in soft can be difficult to insert for vaginal use and very difficult for anal use. Thin soft toys tend to fold over or be a bit wiggly when trying to insert them. However, if you’re a person looking for a very gentle experience, a small soft toy can be just the right thing! Small toys with more blunt heads can be easy to insert and provide a fun, squishy experience.

It should be noted that knotted toys in soft will almost always flop over at the stem under the knot because soft silicone cannot hold up the weight of a thick shaft and knot.

Where soft silicone really shines is in bigger toys! Medium and large toys in soft firmness can be inserted easily and provide more squish when thrusting. Toys that are thick will feel more like medium firmness as they get larger and thicker. Large and Noble sized toys are sometimes easier for vaginal use in soft silicone as opposed to medium silicone. Our VERY big toys, like our Royal Batou, are only made in soft silicone, but at that size they almost always feel more like medium firmness would feel in a smaller toy.

To sum up: Soft is best for big toys or for people wanting a gentle but very wobbly and squishy experience.


Medium Silicone

Medium is our most popular firmness option. It can feel very sturdy, but still have a nice level of give to it. Small and slim toys work well with medium silicone. These sizes in medium firmness will feel similar to a medium or large toy in soft firmness. Smaller toys in medium are firm enough that they won’t wiggle or squish too much when trying to insert them either vaginally or analy, which is why I personally recommend this firmness for those size toys.

Toys with knots stand up better in medium firmness, but if the knot is large and the stem under it is thin (as with Tyv), even medium firmness toys can lean or flop over.

As toys get bigger, medium firmness gets firmer! If you like a toy that doesn’t lose its shape when inserted, medium is a good firmness for you. Vaginal toy users may find medium firmness a bit too much when used to make large and noble sized toys since there is less give in these sizes. Anal users looking for a sturdy toy that is easy to insert will likely prefer medium firmness, even in larger toys. When made in medium firmness silicone, our large and noble sized toys can feel like they were made with firmer silicone since they have a lot thicker diameters to them.

To sum up: Medium is a good firmness for small, medium, and large sized toys if you want less squish and wiggle and more keeping its shape. But in very thick toys it can feel quite firm.


Firm Silicone

We do not pour firm toys very often in our workshop. We work in Texas and the heat (even in a climate controlled environment it can still be present) causes firm silicone to set faster than we like. Firm is much more rigid than our medium silicone, but that makes it even better for slim and small toys. It won’t flop or bend easily, which can help make toy insertion easier. But on the other hand, it has less give so it can feel a bit pokey in certain toy shapes. We tend to pour firm mostly in smaller toys, though occasionally we’ll make medium and large size toys in firm. We will never make toys bigger than large size in firm because it can be hard on our molds. As with medium firmness, the bigger the toy the firmer it will feel. Large toys in firm silicone have no give to them, so they can be ideal for anal use and more difficult for vaginal users.

Toys with knots will stand just fine in firm silicone.

To sum up: Firm is best used on smaller or medium sized toys. It can be too unyielding to be enjoyed in larger sizes, so choose carefully.

Near Clear 31 Silicone

This is a specialty silicone that is very similar in firmness to our Soft silicone. It is very slightly firmer, but nowhere near as firm as Medium silicone. Near Clear has a slightly different surface texture. It feels a little more tacky to the touch, similar to Super Soft. Some people describe it as having more drag. I generally say that if you prefer Soft silicone for your toys, Near Clear will be a similar firmness for you.

The main notable feature of Near Clear silicone is that it is quite translucent compared to regular Eco-flex silicones. This makes it perfect for flashy, sparkly colors. It looks especially neat with colorshift pigments! The main purpose in using this silicone is to get a very showy toy.

There are some drawbacks to Near Clear silicone. For one, it is harder to degas, so sometimes a toy will have small bubbles on the flat underside of the base. It takes a long time for the bubbles to rise after a pour and sometimes they don't pop on the surface in time. We do our best to note when these bubbles are present. Additionally, Near Clear does not like to be boiled. It can discolor or become more firm if it is boiled, so we do NOT recommend this method of cleaning for Near Clear toys. Instead, stick to hot water and good soap. This silicone is also a bit more prone to showing marks and scuffs on the surface, so please handle your Near Clear toys carefully.

To sum up: Near Clear 31 is best for folks who want a soft toy that looks great on display!