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Who Are We

Strange Bedfellas is a homegrown shop that started up in Austin, TX USA in August of 2017.

Meesh has been an artist all her life, and once she learned it was possible to do something as exciting as sculpting and casting her own monster-themed sex toys in her own house...well, there was no stopping her! With her husband Patrick at her side they started up Strange Bedfellas in their very small house and have been growing it ever since. About a year after opening they brought in their friend Steve to help with production and things just took off from there!


Strange Bedfellas focuses on creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind, body safe toys for their customers to enjoy. The shop has a focus on sex positivity and strives to create toys for all sorts of body types and personal preferences! Each toy design has a friendly character behind it, and each of our little friends is looking for the perfect mate. Some are looking for love and companionship, while others are just looking for a romp of a fun time with a new buddy. Monsters need love, too!

MEESH OGLESBY CUNNINGHAM is the artist who started it all! She has been a lover of monsters for as long as she can remember. Meesh designs the toys, pours the silicone, trims/cleans up the toys, makes a lot of the art, and generally runs the shop. If you’ve sent us a message or interacted with the shop on social media, you’ve been talking to Meesh! She loves the work and hopes you enjoy the creations she brings to life! She also works way more than she should and has no concept of work/life balance, but she’s working on it…

Favorite colors to work with: purple, aqua, and pink

PATRICK CUNNINGHAM is the keeper of the 3D printers and the general engineering brains of the operation. He works hard to help design and finish all the models that are later turned into toys. He’s also become our primary mold maker and website keeper. If it’s technical, he’s probably the one taking care of it (his career as a software engineer means he’s the best fit for the brainy work around here). Every now and again he also gets to sneak in and pour dildos and they're always so much cooler than any of us expect!

Favorite colors to work with: red, blue, black

STEVE JONES is our friend who joined the shop early and helped us really grow like wild! Steve’s primary jobs are pouring toys, taking product photos, and toting bins of dildos to wherever Meesh needs them. He has a way with colors and sparkles that no one has quite been able to match. It seems impossible that his sparkles are better than Meesh’s we are. He lives by the mantra: “A Tyv in every pour.” #sexysaxman

Favorite colors to work with: purple, orange, blue

AVERY BECKETT is the most recent addition to our happy crew and she brings a LOT of energy to the craft of dong making! Avery has always been an artist and her approach to colors has both Meesh and Steve in awe. How does she get those dark blues so dark? Avery’s primary jobs are pouring toys, editing photos, creating illustrations, and entertaining us with tales from the internet. She’d like to recommend that everyone get their USDA recommended daily intake of 25-38 grams of insoluble and soluble fiber.

Favorite colors to work with: turquoise, red, brown

BRANDON THOMPSON is the shop gremlin. No really! He’s Steve’s roommate and friend of us all. He sneaks in after hours to tidy up the shop, reorganize the shelf contents, pull toys from molds, and help Steve mix the silicone buckets. None of this is an exaggeration, he really does do all of that (much to our appreciation). He also joins in and pours toys when we’re all in a mood to hang out and have some fun! Somehow he’s also our landlord? Brandon is complicated.

Favorite colors to work with: purple, silver, pink