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This design is called Ohdan (pronounced O-dawn). The idea behind this design is that we wanted to create a tongue toy that functioned more like a knotted toy.

It had a blunt tip for easy insertion and a lot of gentle texture all down the tongue. It is bunched up half way down to mimic the feel of a gentle knot before thinning some above the base.

The base has a lot of texture and a ring of gentle teeth designed for external stimulation. The base is wide and sturdy, so it may be suitable for riding.


All measurements are approximate in inches.

Small Measurements
Price: $50 each

Total length: 5.75"
Useable length: 4.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.2"
Circumference of the head: 3.75"
Widest shaft diameter: 2"
Widest shaft circumference: 6.25"
Base diameter: 4"

Medium Measurements
Price: $70 each

Total length: 6.5"
Useable length: 5.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.4"
Circumference of the head: 4.5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2.5"
Widest shaft circumference: 7.75"
Base diameter: 4"

Large Measurements
Price: $110 each

Total length: 8"
Useable length: 6.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.6"
Circumference of the head: 5.5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2.9"
Widest shaft circumference: 9.25"
Base diameter: 5.5"

Noble (XL) Measurements
Price: $160 each

Total length: 9"
Useable length: 7.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.8"
Circumference of the head: 6.25"
Widest shaft diameter: 3.3"
Widest shaft circumference: 10.5"
Base diameter: 6.25"


Species : Leechoid

Agender - (They/Them)

A gentle, shy friend who looks meaner than they are

Absolute cuddle monster

Can't see, but loves to listen to music

Would love nothing more than to find a companion to share their record collection with

Ohdan's art was created by @AshesTerrible on Twitter