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This design is called Ohdan (pronounced O-dawn). The idea behind this design is that we wanted to create a tongue toy that functioned more like a knotted toy.

It had a blunt tip for easy insertion and a lot of gentle texture all down the tongue. It is bunched up half way down to mimic the feel of a gentle knot before thinning some above the base.

The base has a lot of texture and a ring of gentle teeth designed for external stimulation. The base is wide and sturdy, so it may be suitable for riding.


All measurements are approximate in inches.

Small Measurements

Total length: 5.75"
Useable length: 4.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.2"
Circumference of the head: 3.75"
Widest shaft diameter: 2"
Widest shaft circumference: 6.25"
Base diameter: 4"

Medium Measurements

Total length: 6.5"
Useable length: 5.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.4"
Circumference of the head: 4.5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2.5"
Widest shaft circumference: 7.75"
Base diameter: 4"

Large Measurements

Total length: 8"
Useable length: 6.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.6"
Circumference of the head: 5.5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2.9"
Widest shaft circumference: 9.25"
Base diameter: 5.5"

Noble (XL) Measurements

Total length: 9"
Useable length: 7.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.8"
Circumference of the head: 6.25"
Widest shaft diameter: 3.3"
Widest shaft circumference: 10.5"
Base diameter: 6.25"


Species : Leechoid

Agender - (They/Them)

A gentle, shy friend who looks meaner than they are

Absolute cuddle monster

Can't see, but loves to listen to music

Would love nothing more than to find a companion to share their record collection with

Ohdan's art was created by @AshesTerrible on Twitter