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This design is called Fornax 4.0 (pronounced like the number 4-nacks). This toy features a lumpy, angled head and a shaft with smooth bumps on one side and soft, vertical, ribbed textures on the other.

There is an ovular knot at the bottom of the shaft and a small stem below it for ease of tying. The base is a polyhedral pattern. No one’s really quite sure what Fornax is, to be frank.

This toy was designed and originally sold by Yves of Blue Ritual. Strange Bedfellas now owns the design and has made minor modifications to improve stability and enhance details. This toy has trouble standing on its own in super soft silicone.

This model was recently upgraded from 3.0 to 4.0. The changes are largely cosmetic and intended to improve the look of the model and lengthen its mold life. The surface is now smoother and small details have been enhanced. The measurements have remained the same between the two versions. Check the listing title and details to make sure you know which version you are purchasing.


All measurements are approximate in inches.

Small Measurements
Price: $45 each

Total length: 6.75"
Useable length: 5.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.25"
Circumference of the head: 4.25"
Widest shaft diameter: 1.75"
Circumference of the shaft: 5.25"
Widest knot diameter: 2"
Circumference of the knot: 6.25"
Base diameter: 3"

Medium Measurements
Price: $65 each

Total length: 8"
Useable length: 6.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.5"
Circumference of the head: 5"
Widest shaft diameter: 2"
Circumference of the shaft: 6.5"
Widest knot diameter: 2.4"
Circumference of the knot: 7.25"
​Base diameter: 3.5"

Large Measurements
Price: $100 each

Total length: 9.25"
Useable length: 7.5"
Diameter of the head: 1.7"
Circumference of the head: 5.75"
Widest shaft diameter: 2.4"
Circumference of the shaft: 7.25"
Widest knot diameter: 2.9"
Circumference of the knot: 8.5"
​Base diameter: 4"


Species: Construct / Unknown / Aspecies?

Agender - They / Them

​Potentially an artificially digitized construct... (if you know what that means, we suspect you're a perfect match)

Mysterious and enigmatic, but engaged and attentive

Curious individual with an appetite for learning and travel

Looking for new friends and companions to travel to the depths of the multiverse with

Fornax’s art was created by D@me and CMYK