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News for February and March 2022

Hot dang, we're almost two months into this new year! Time has passed so fast and also it feels like it's been forever. We've had a rocky start to 2022 and there's still a few more bumps ahead before we can expect to (hopefully) even out into a regular schedule. I figured it might be helpful to lay out some things to expect for the next month or so for our shop. Here we go!


First up is news about Wende. The inventory drop on Friday, February 25th will be the last drop with either Wende or our W Toppers available. Wende was intended to be a seasonal item only offered a few months a year, and he's about to see his way back out of the shop. We'll bring Wende back once Black Friday rolls around in November later this year! 

For this drop we will also load up some listings for special packs of Little Fellas featuring Wende and the W Topper. Each package will have a Wende, a W Topper, and one other random model. Wende and W Topper Little Fellas will ONLY be available in that special listing. We will not have either of those models in regular packages of Little Fellas through the year. This is a chance for collectors to get the models they want without having to chance it with the regular Little Fella blind bags. Don't worry, we'll make sure it's easy to spot the special listings!

With Wende going into hibernation, I'll start work on the next seasonal offering, which I hope to have ready for summer. I've got a lot of ideas, so we'll see what sort of beastie shows up to enjoy the summer heat with us!

Hand Surgery

I (Meesh) will be having hand surgery the first week of March, which will slow down the shop some while I recover. I'm just having a carpal tunnel release on my left (non-dominant) hand, nothing too big. I've already had the procedure done on my right hand, and I know the recovery time is about a week and I expect it will go smoothly. This will throw a bit of a wrench into some of our work, though. 

Normally we'd have a drop on March 11th (2 weeks after our drop on February 25th), but I won't be able to help with a lot of the drop prep that week since I'll still be in recovery. Instead I think we'll open a round of Friend Requests on March 11th and save our next drop for March 18th. The store may get a bit sparse, but we'll still have made-to-order options to fill in the gap! The color options for that round will all be surprise prompts with a little bit of guidance, which I'll explain when we get closer to opening those listings. 

I know it's kind of a bummer, but this will help give me the time I need to rest and recover and not feel like I need to jump back in to work. I'm working on treating myself a little nicer this year. 

Wand Toppers

I haven't mentioned this before, but we're in the middle of reworking a couple of our Wand Topper models. The C Topper is getting resurfaced right now. The original had some texture I didn't like, so we're resurfacing it to get that looking nicer. We've also added a little bit more lip around the bottom to make them easier to trim. That's more of a visual thing than a function thing. 

The Z Topper is getting more of an upgrade. The original size of the Z Topper is very small, making it hard to make them with large inserts. As well, the surface on the original Z Topper is VERY ROUGH. This doesn't impact use of the toy, but it's not great visually. So the new Z Topper is going to be a little bigger, more in line with the size of the C Topper, and it's going to have a smoother surface. When I say it's getting a smoother surface, I don't mean the sculpting is going to change. We're just giving it a nicer finish. Our techniques have improved a lot since we made that first Z Topper, and this new one looks MUCH nicer!

So that means this drop is going to be the last drop with C or Z Toppers for a bit. The Z Topper molds are almost finished, but then I'll need to take new photos for the website and comparisons and such. I'm hoping the C Topper isn't far behind so that I can take those updated product photos with both new Toppers. The O Topper is perfect as is and isn't being changed at all. And as mentioned above, the W Topper is about to be retired until November. 

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on the progress of the Wand Toppers and when to expect them back in rotation.


Okay, I think that's all the news for now. I'll keep y'all posted with more news as it comes!