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WHOO! Happy Anniversary to us! As of August 21st this shop has been open for 4 years! DANG!

We've come a long way for a project that started on my kitchen table as a way to learn a new way to make art. 4 years later and I'm working with 2 of my very good friends and have just moved into a 2400 sq. ft. workshop built entirely with money made with our work! I'm incredibly proud of the things I've done and the things my friends have done with me. I hope we have many more successful years ahead of us!

I have to thank each and every customer who has supported this shop over the years. Some folks took a chance on me as an unknown artist doing their best on a Discord group. Some saw us on Etsy and said "hey, why not?" Some found us as our Twitter presence grew. And there are plenty who are visiting us for the very first time right now! I welcome and thank you ALL! You've helped us grow from a fun project to a real business. You've helped us turn this thing into a way for us to pay our bills and have fun doing it. You've helped us raise money for many non-profits that pass that help on to needy folks. It's a great dang feeling!

I'm mentally exhausted from the big move and from planning this big drop, so I don't have much more to say beyond this. Thank you all for your support and the love you've shown over the years. You make this all worth the effort!

And many thanks to the awesome Buttcheekwizard on Twitter for our anniversary art up there!