New Store Layout! Hope you enjoy!

Shop News

Our first news post on the new site! WHOO! It's not the most fancy page around, but hopefully it'll get you the info you need! 

We've completed the move to the new site! Hot diggity! I really hope you all enjoy the new layout and colors and such. I know it's a pretty big difference from the last site, but I hope it's not too hard to adjust.

With a new site comes a few changes. The biggest of which is that it's time to raise some prices. I know, it's not the best news, nor is it exciting for you, the customers. But it's been a LONG time since we adjusted some of our prices and the time has come. Our shop is growing! We brought in Avery last year to help with production and we're looking at moving to an even bigger workshop space later this year. And growth costs money! 

But don't worry, we're not raising prices across the board! We're just adjusting the pricing on a couple of sizes for a couple of models. We'll be raising the prices of our small, medium, and large Tyvs as well as our small and medium Batous by $5. So here's what that looks like:

Small Tyv is now $45
Medium Tyv is now $65
Large Tyv is now $85

Small Batou is now $45
Medium Batou is now $65

Why these? Well, they were underpriced compared to other toys their size, for one thing. Also, our Tyv molds are some of the most frequently used of our models and they wear out the fastest. We have to replace them a lot due to their popularity combined with the shape of the toy being rough on molds as it is. Our Small Batou just got an update to the surface to remove some of the old texture and make it a bit smoother and nicer. 

I know this will disappoint folks, but I hope you all can understand that sometimes it's a thing that needs to happen. I'm still trying to keep a lot of low priced, entry level toys in our shop. It's very important to me that we offer small toys and eggs for prices that are affordable to people who are just discovering sex toys and need a safe toy that's in their budget. I don't have any other price hikes planned for now, so you don't have to worry about this happening again for a while! Unless the price of materials goes up (but let's all hope that doesn't happen)...