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Store Policies

General Disclaimer

You can find our general Terms of Service by following this link. You can also find our Privacy Policy by following this link.

You as a consumer are responsible for knowing the limitations of your own body and using any products you purchase safely and responsibly. We cannot instruct you on how to use these products and cannot offer medical advice. If you are unsure of how to use an item safely, please do not purchase that item!

Our toys are cast in 100% platinum cure silicone. All of our silicone products are hand-made by our crew. We do not mass produce our silicone products or use an outside manufacturer. These products are our art and we treat them as such.

-Our toys are body safe and easy to clean or sterilize as needed. They can be cleaned with soap and water or by boiling them in water. Do not use silicone based lubes with our toys as it may damage them. Do not store them with other toys unless you are completely sure they are 100% body safe silicone as the other toys could damage them. ALWAYS wash your toys before using them for the first time.

-Most of our toys are casts of designs that have been 3D printed. A small number of them have been cast from hand sculpted designs. None of our toys are life cast or based on any living person. All of our toys have been finished by hand and as a result they can have small surface imperfections. These imperfections are purely cosmetic and will not affect the use of the toys. This is the nature of hand-made products. If you are hoping for perfectly smooth surfaces, our toys may not be for you. We do our best to smooth them as well as we can, but imperfections are just part of the business. Any problems beyond the normal imperfections will be labeled as Mishaps and described in the listing information.

-Our toys are made by people who live with dogs. While animals are not allowed in the workshop areas at any time, it is possible that their hair may be on the shipping packaging. When you live with dogs there’s always going to be a chance of hair transfer. If you’re worried about strong allergies you should consider not buying from this store.

-All toys are washed in hot water and soap before being sent. You may notice a smell on the toys when you open the package, but this is just the smell of the soap we use and will disappear with a good wash.

-We do our best with our photo editing to make sure that the listing photos match the product you will be receiving, but please understand that there can be discrepancies. We try to provide a brief description of the color in the listing, but this is also subjective. Color discrepancies are not grounds for a refund or exchange unless we send an entirely incorrect product. If you feel there is an issue please contact us BEFORE you open your product.


Cancellation Policy

We will gladly cancel an order within 2 hours of placing the order. Cancellation requests must be submitted within 2 hours of purchase by sending an email with the subject line "Please cancel order #(include your order number here)" to and we will take care of it. The request will be processed as soon as we are able, as long as the request is made within the 2 hour time period. Requests outside of this window will not be honored. (Example: You place an order at 5 PM on Friday and decide you don't want the order. You have until 7 PM on Friday to request a cancellation. Any request made after 7 PM will not be honored.)

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders for any reason. Additionally, we reserve the right to ban users from patronizing our shop at any time.

Use of any software, automated tools, or bots that interact with our site in any way is prohibited. Any party found using such tools is subject to being banned from patronizing our shop.

A lot of this information is expanded up on in our Terms of Service.

Returns and Exchanges

Due to the personal nature of our products we DO NOT accept returns on ANY of our items. This includes merch items such as enamel pins and t-shirts. Please be sure you know what you're ordering before you place your order.

We DO NOT accept exchanges on ANY of our items.
Exceptions will be made if we have sent the wrong item as long as the item has NOT been removed from its plastic bag. We will not take back any items that have been opened for sanitation reasons.

The following are not reasons to expect a refund/exchange/return:
-Customer purchased the wrong size/firmness/color of toy. We provide a lot of sizing information in the listings and we encourage our customers to contact us if they need more information leading to a purchasing decision.
-Item is damaged after opening
-Item is damaged in transit. You will need to contact USPS for assistance with this issue.

Please examine your toy for flaws before you take it out of the bag! If you discover any issues or flaws please contact us as soon as possible and we will do what we can to make things right. If you have any concerns about your order please contact us with your order number immediately!

We do NOT resell any items that have been sent back by a customer. The only instance in which a toy may be relisted after it has been shipped is if it is returned to sender unopened and we can confirm that no other hands have removed the toy from the shipping box.


Shipping Policies

We are currently shipping inventory orders within 2 - 7 business days!

International orders ship at the customer's own risk! For more information please see our Shipping Policies page.

If your order contains a made to order item such as a Friend Request your entire order will only ship once that made to order item is finished. Please refer to the original listing for wait times on made to order listings.

-WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ORDERS BEING SHIPPED TO RE-SHIPMENT FACILITIES! There are countries we choose not to do business with. If we suspect you are trying to circumvent our policies using a re-shipment facility your order may be cancelled and refunded.