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Little Beasties Squishies


Do you ever feel like you need a little monster friend to keep in your pocket or on a shelf to poke and squeeze whenever you need a pick-me-up? Good news! We can offer you some small, squishable options! Take them with you or use them to decorate a comfy space, they're ready to go!

These squishes are made from the same platinum cure silicone as our toys, so they're easy to clean and fun to squish. You can choose your character, but the color and silicone firmness will be a surprise! The character options currently available are: Aelit, Ceela, Fornax, Ohdan, Tyv, and Ziq. Firmnesses on these friends are random and run the gamut between Super Soft (0020), Soft (0030), and Medium (0050) silicone. Colors are also completely random!

Please note! These designs have spaces that are prone to having bubbles, most notably Ziq's little spines and horns and around Aelit's head. These are just part of the process and we do not discount for toys with missing spine tips. But thankfully it's usually not too noticeable and doesn't affect their squishability.

These squishies and stickers were designed, sculpted, and drawn for us by the awesome artists over at Monster Smash!

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