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Little Fellas


These are our Little Fellas! These collectible, smaller versions of our larger products are made of the same 100% platinum cure silicone as everything else here. These are intended for decoration, not for internal use. They come in super soft (0020), soft (0030), and medium (0050) silicone (also rarely firm 10A). The current models you may receive include any of our main model line-up as well as our six claw and tentacle vibe sleeve models.

Each bag will contain 3 Fellas of random color and design. We guarantee you will not get two of the same style of Fella in one bag. The firmness is also randomly assigned, so you may get more than one firmness in one bag. These little friends are about 3 inches tall and come in any color we might pour our bigger models in! Some have sparkle, some glow, some are UV reactive!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of how small they are, some of them have imperfections. It’s not uncommon to get a Fella whose base has been roughly trimmed or one that has a bubble or two or a finger print on the base, but we strive to keep them as clean as possible. The photos in the listing are for comparison and example.