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Monster Stickers


What better way to proclaim your love of all things monstrous than with some shiny stickers! These shimmery little stickers are bright, fun, and yet another way to show off your appreciation of things monstrous. These designs feature brilliant, popping colors as well as shimmery rainbow foil. We offer a couple of different bundle options to help you decorate the way you like. These stickers range in size from 2” X 2” to 3.5” x 3.5” so they’re not too large, but still big enough to make a shimmery statement!

There are three options available:

-Vibrant set (this contains the 5 vinyl stickers)

-Shimmery set (this contains the 5 rainbow foil stickers)

-Big big set (this contains all 10 stickers from both sets)

The Vibrant Set stickers were printed on a PVC free vinyl or white polypropylene that has a UV laminate for protection from the elements. The Shimmery Set stickers were printed on a rainbow holographic film with a UV laminate to protect from the elements. 

Stickers not listed below were created by Strange Bedfellas and printed by StickerApp

“Monster Fucker” design was created by Yves (formerly Blue Ritual) and printed by Sticker Giant

“Creature Lover” design was created by the artists at Dread the Empire ( and printed by Sticker Giant

"Monsters Kiss with Teeth" was created by on Twitter (NSFW art) and printed by StickerApp

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