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Nice Booty Enamel Pins


It's always a good time to celebrate beautiful butts and booties! Our new pin set says to the world "yeah, we do appreciate a good back end!" If you feel likewise, perhaps this is the pin for you. These pins feature our characters Batou and Ceela showing off the goods they were born to shake!

These are hard enamel pins. They are 1.75 inches long. They are all made with black metal, colorful enamel, white sparkly glitter, and white that glows aqua. The pins have 2 posts with black rubber pin backs. 

Some of these pins are mishaps due to issues found that don't quite make them perfect. Sometimes it's inclusions, funky colorations, surface issues, small spots of missing enamel, chips, or other dings. These are sold for a lower price. 

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