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Monster Fucker Enamel Pin


What better way to proclaim your love of all things monstrous than with some shiny hard enamel pins! We have 4 color versions of this design that we are sure will help show your monster love! 

Some of these pins are mishaps due to issues found that don't quite make them perfect. Sometimes it's inclusions, funky colorations, surface issues, small spots of missing enamel, chips, or other dings. These are sold for a lower price. 

These are hard enamel pins. They are 1.75 inches long and made with black nickel (Glitter, Glow, and Pastel) and silver metal (Spectral). Glow and Spectral have glow in the hearts, lettering, and border as well as glitter in the background. The pins have 2 posts with black rubber pin backs.