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Sacred Tenta Heart Enamel Pin


If you love tentacles and mildly sacrilegious designs do we have a pin for you! This new hard enamel pin design is based on our Black Friday 2019 sticker design and is featured in 4 different colors. 

Classic features shimmery purple glitter and a glow-in-the-dark green heart on silver metal (we switched the metal when we restocked it recently)

Royal features a glittery purple heart on gold metal. (PLEASE NOTE: the second batch of Royal style pins seem to have a lighter purple for the glitter area than the one photographed above)

Pastel features soft pastel colors on black nickel metal.

Spectral features white that glows aqua and black glitter on silver metal.

These are hard enamel pins. They are 2 inches long. The pins have 2 posts with metal pin backs. BE AWARE some of these pins have sharp edges in places. Take care with them.

Some of these pins are mishaps due to issues found that don't quite make them perfect. Sometimes it's inclusions, funky colorations, surface issues, small spots of missing enamel, chips, or other dings. These are sold for a lower price. 

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