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Basic Buddies - Firm(ish) silicone


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Do you ever want just the most basic toy you can imagine? Single color, small size, simple shape? You're in the right place!

Basic Buddies are simple toys made during our molding process. We use the leftover molding silicone and pour it into some of our smallest, most basic toy molds, and make sure that silicone doesn't go to waste. Most of our molds are made with Dragon Skin 10 silicone, the same silicone we use to make our firm toys. There's nothing weird about the silicone, it's the same degassed platinum cure material we use for all of our products. For more information on our silicone please visit our silicone info page.

*NOTICE* We have started mixing Ecoflex into our Dragon Skin 10 to make it a little easier to work with. This results in toys that are a little softer than firm but still more firm than medium.

We tint all of our molds UV orange so that we can spot flaws easier, so all of these toys are the same color. They light up very bright under a UV light! These little firm friends are half the price of our regular models since they're so basic, but that makes them a great choice for a beginner or someone with a small budget. 

Right now the models we have to offer are: Slim Aelit, Slim Deelit, Small Tenta Twirl, Small Dragon Claw, Medium Tenta Twirl, and Medium Dragon Claw. The sizing info for these models can be found on their respective info pages.

Please Note! These toys often have bubbles on the underside of the base! Please be sure to clean them carefully. The bubbles are not on the useable surface, but it's always best to be cautious and thorough when cleaning your toys. There may be other small flaws such as pigment freckles, but nothing that will compromise the use of the toys.

Also! There is some inconsistency with the colors on these. Sometimes they're pale, sometimes they're bright. The color is added by hand and we aren't very consistent. We tried to show this in the listing photos. 

We have no plans currently to expand this line-up. These are just leftovers, afterall.  We'll restock these whenever new molds are made and leftovers are to be had.