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C Topper -- Large Insert -- CT-384


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C Topper
Firmness: Soft (0030)

This toy has hand painted details

Approximate Measurements (when not on a wand):
Exterior height: 3.3 inches
Exterior diameter: 3.1 inches
Insert depth: 2 inches
Large insert diameter: 2 inches

The C Topper is a 100% platinum cure silicone toy intended to be used with a vibrating wand type toy. The wand is NOT included with this purchase. You will only receive the silicone topper pictured in the first photos. This toy is intended to fit on top of a vibrating wand head for external body use. It can also be safely used for vaginal insertion. This toy is NOT designed for anal play and does not have an anal safe base! These toppers were sized for a Rechargable Magic Wand, but will work with other wands of similar size. It comes in one of two insert size options. The larger insert will mean the silicone is thinner and it will fit larger size toys easier. The smaller insert will mean the silicone is thicker and may not fit as easily on larger size wands, but should be easier to use for smaller wands. The larger insert will transfer vibrations better while the smaller insert may dull the vibrations more.
The C Topper was styled after our Ceela insertable toy and features a lot of varying textures! There are smooth, folded parts at the top, flexible flaps along the middle, and soft bumps along the bottom ring. The intention was for it to have different feels on all the different sides so the user could experience some variety when playing. Some parts are more subtle while others are more pronounced.