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Friend Request Add-On: Little Beasties



The purpose of this listing is to supplement your Friend Request order with extra items not usually offered as made-to-order. You must purchase a Friend Request item in order to purchase this listing. 

This listing will add one Little Beastie model of your choice to your order. 

This Little Beastie will be made with the same silicone as your Friend Request. It will be the same firmness and colors as your bigger toy. The colors will match your toy, but that doesn't mean that the pour will be the exact same. (For example: if your toy has gold drips over a black and white marble, your Little Beastie will have black, gold, and white in it, but it may not be a gold drip over a black and white marble.)

If you order more than one Friend Request and the colors are different (for example: you order one toy as a Blue Surprise and one toy as a Neon Surprise) you will need to contact us to tell us which toy you want your Little Beastie to match. If we do not hear from you we will just make a random choice. 

If you order more than one Friend Request and the colors are the SAME (for example: you order 3 toys as Pastel Surprise) your Little Beastie will match a random toy in your order. You cannot request your Little Beastie match a specific toy if you've ordered the same color option for all of them.  

Please note! These designs have spaces that are prone to having bubbles, most notably Ziq's little spines and horns and around Aelit's head. These are just part of the process and we do not discount for toys with missing spine tips. But thankfully it's usually not too noticeable and doesn't affect their squishability.