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Friend Request Upgrade: NearClear 31 for Void Opal Adjacent Surprise only


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This listing can only be purchased with a Friend Request toy with the Void Opal Adjacent Surprise coloration.

This upgrade is not compatible with the following toys and cannot be added to them: Emme Eggs, Nellen Eggs, Gelle (penetratable), and the Royal Batou. 

It is important to note that NearClear 31 often leaves small bubbles on the underside of the base of a toy. These are considered an acceptable flaw as it's not on an insertable part of the toy, but you should still take care to clean them thoroughly. 

The purpose of this upgrade is to guarantee that a Friend Request toy in your order with the Void Opal Adjacent Surprise coloration is made with NearClear 31 silicone. For more information on this type of silicone please read the Our Silicone page. It does not matter which firmness you choose for your original Friend Request, if you add this upgrade it will be changed to NearClear 31, which is similar to Soft firmness silicone. This upgrade can be added to more than one toy, but will have to be purchased individually for each toy. If you have multiple toys in your order and you only want this to apply to one of them, you will need to send an email to let us know which you want to be made with NearClear 31.

NearClear is a more expensive silicone and this upgrade reflects those costs. You need to choose the upgrade that corresponds with the SIZE of the toy you want to upgrade. (Example: If you want to upgrade your Medium Tyv Void Opal Adjacent Surprise to be made with NearClear 31 you will need to choose the "Medium Size" upgrade.)
If you purchase this upgrade for an ineligible toy this upgrade will be removed and refunded from your order.

To keep us from being overwhelmed by this option, we're limiting the number of NearClear upgrades available at a time. Once they've been made we will restock the upgrade option.