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Friend Request Upgrade: Pride Flag Colors


This listing can only be purchased with a made-to-order Friend Request toy.

The purpose of this upgrade is to guarantee that a Friend Request toy in your order is made with the colors of a Pride flag offered below. We would love to have been able to offer more flag options, but this is the best our small team can handle this year. 

If you purchase this upgrade, a chosen toy in your order will be made with the colors of the Pride flag you indicated. We will still keep the color option you originally chose, but we will make sure that the colors we use correspond with your flag. (For example: If you choose a Medium Size Tyv in Pastel Surprise with a Bisexual flag upgrade we will make sure your Tyv is made with pastel blue, purple, and pink. If you choose a Small Batou in Neon Surprise with a Transgender flag upgrade we will make sure your Batou is made with white, neon blue, and neon pink.)

These options are only offered for Neon and Pastel Surprise orders. Asexual pride flags will still have black and white and silver, but the purple can either be neon or pastel depending on your upgrade. Sorry to make things complicated, we're still figuring out the best way to offer this upgrade and this is the first year we're trying it out!

Each upgrade applies to one toy in your order. If you have multiple toys in the order and only one upgrade (or multiple different upgrades) please reach out by email to let us know which toys you want with which upgrades.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before placing your order.

Flag colors are as follows:

-Asexual: black, white, silver, purple

-Bisexual: pink, purple, blue

-Pansexual: pink, yellow, blue

-Transgender: pink, white, blue