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Friend Request Upgrade: Solid Black


This listing can only be purchased with a Friend Request toy. 

The purpose of this upgrade is to guarantee that a Friend Request toy in your order will be solid black in color. This upgrade can be applied to as many toys in your order as you please for one price. You do not need to purchase it multiple times for one order unless you want two different versions of Solid Black (see below). If you have multiple toys in your order and you only want this to apply to one of them, you will need to send an email to let us know which one you want in Solid Black.

Sometimes simplicity is the best! We get occasional requests for solid black toys, so we decided to make an upgrade ticket for that option to add to Friend Requests. This has two options: Matte Black or Shimmer Black. 

Matte Black has no shimmer to it, just solid black pigment

Shimmer Black will have a pearl sheen and a random shimmer color (purple, blue, green, gold, or pink)

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