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Friend Request Upgrade: Stars or Spots


This listing can only be purchased with a Friend Request toy.

This upgrade is not compatible with the following toys and cannot be added to them: Emme Eggs, Nellen Eggs, Nellen Egg Plugs, Wand Toppers, Vibe Sleeves 

Stars cannot be added to Ceela, Ohdan, Qarl, Tenta Fork, Tyv, or Xymon because they have too much texture.

The purpose of this upgrade is to guarantee that a Friend Request toy in your order will have either hand painted spots or hand painted stars. This upgrade can be added to more than one toy, but will have to be purchased individually for each toy. If you have multiple toys in your order and you only want this to apply to one of them, you will need to send an email to let us know which you want to have spots or stars.

Meesh is just dipping their toes into hand painting and would like to get more practice! So a limited number of this upgrade will be available to add to the current round of Friend Requests. You cannot pick the color of the spots or stars, but we will make sure they match the Friend Request pour. (Example: if you buy a Pastel Surprise we will make sure the spots or stars are pastel.) Please note, stars are more expensive because they require more precision, but they will also come with spots to decorate the space as well. 

Imperfections are likely as we're still getting this skill figured out, but we will do our best to make sure the stars and spots are nice and tidy. We will add glow to the stars, but they might not glow very strongly.

Because we're still learning, there are some toys that we will not allow to have this upgrade added to. Some of them have molds that are too tight for us to work in with our current skill level. Some have too much texture to make sure we can paint discernable stars properly. Please see the list at the top of the listing for those restrictions. If you purchase this upgrade for an ineligible toy this upgrade will be removed and refunded from your order.

Please note that stars and spots will be painted on the BASE of the toy. Do not expect them on the tip or half way up the shaft. They will be on the base, no more than an inch or two up the toy starting at the bottom.

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