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Friend Request Upgrade: White/Pink Drips


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This listing can only be purchased with a DREAMY DRIP Friend Request toy. 

The purpose of this upgrade is to guarantee that if you purchase a DREAMY DRIP Friend Request that you will receive a drip in your choice of white or pink. This upgrade applies to 1 toy, so if you have more than 1 toy you'd like to upgrade you will need to purchase it multiple times. 

Dreamy Drips have a matte pastel color dripped over soft glowing colors. With this ticket you can specify that you want your drip to be either white or pink. Without this ticket applied a Dreamy Drip can be any pastel color the artist chooses. 

If you have more Dreamy Drip Friend Request toys on your order than you have White/Pink Drip Upgrades please contact us to let us know which toy you want upgraded. Likewise, if you have more than one Friend Request toy and have chosen multiple drips in different colors, please contact us to let us know which toy you want dripped with which color. One drip color per toy! You cannot apply both drip colors to one toy!

Please note, there may be some variation to the pink drips since that color is mixed by hand for each pour.