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Large Tenta Fork MISHAP -- Near Clear 31* silicone -- TF-72


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Large Tenta Fork
Firmness: Near Clear 31*
Color: shades of green, green blue colorshift
Mishap: There are a couple of small visible pigment freckles on the shaft of this toy. They are mostly an aesthetic issue, they are not in danger of coming out of the toy.

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 11 inches
Useable length of long end: 6.5 inches
Useable length of short end: 4.5 inches
Circumference of the long tip: 3.75 inches
Circumference of the short tip: 3.25 inches
Largest circumference of the long shaft: 6.5 inches
Largest circumference of the short shaft: 4.5 inches
Base diameter: 3.7 inches

This model featured two pointed tentacles rising up from a wriggling base of smaller tendrils. The points face opposite directions and one is longer than the other.
Both tendrils feature a variety of textures. The shafts can be used individually or they can be squeezed together for extra fun. The knot of tentacles at the base make the model easy to grip and thrust with.