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Little Wende Fellas


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LIMIT 2 PACKS PER CUSTOMER! If you purchase more than 2 the extras will be refunded! 

These are our Little Wende Fellas! These collectible, smaller versions of our larger Wende and W Topper are made of the same 100% platinum cure silicone as everything else here. These are intended for decoration, not for internal use. They come in super soft (00-20), soft (00-30) and medium (00-50) silicone.

Wende is a seasonal model that is only available in the winter months. These special packs of Little Fellas are the only way to get Wende and W Topper Little Fellas and they will not be restocked until Wende shows back up in November. Each of these packages contains one Wende horn, one W Topper paw, and one random Little Fella from our regular line-up. These little friends are about 3 inches tall and come in any color we might pour our bigger models in! Some have sparkle, some glow, some are UV reactive!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of how small they are, some of them have imperfections. It’s not uncommon to get a Fella whose base has been roughly trimmed or one that has a bubble or two or a finger print on the base, but we strive to keep them as clean as possible. The photos in the listing are for comparison and example.