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Medium Tyv -- Super Soft silicone -- T-4937


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Medium Tyv
Firmness: Super Soft (0020)
Color: black, white, yellow, purple

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 7.25 inches
Useable length: 6 inches
Diameter of the head: 1.3 inches
Circumference of the head: 4.5 inches
Widest shaft diameter: 2 inches
Circumference of the shaft: 6.25 inches
Widest knot diameter: 2.3 inches
Circumference of the knot: 7.5 inches
Base diameter: 4 inches
This toy cannot stand on its own unless it has a firm base. The stem under the knot is too narrow to support the top.

The idea behind Tyv’s design was that we wanted to create a dildo that had some natural features with a nice knot. This design features a blunt head and a shaft with smooth, vertical textures. There is a sturdy knot below that and a small stem below it for ease of tying. The base is a textured fur pattern.
Tyv is a big furry chimera fella who loves getting to know new people! He’s a shapeshifter who always tries to accommodate a potential partner’s needs. He enjoys reading books and curling up with a friend or loved one on a cold winter day in front of a warm fire. This cuddly boy is always ready to make new friends!