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Medium Ziq -- Soft silicone -- Z-567


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Medium Ziq
Firmness: Soft (0030)
Color: Hidden Haunts - black drips over white that glows in multiple colors, glow

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 7 inches
Useable length: 5.75 inches
Diameter of the head: 2.6 inches
Circumference of the head: 7.75 inches
Widest shaft diameter: 2.9 inches
Circumference of the shaft: 8.25 inches
Base diameter: 5 inches

The idea behind Ziq's design was that we wanted to create a dildo that is thick with a LOT of sculpted texture. We wanted to make a big demon fist for folks to enjoy. Ziq is thick from top to bottom, so this design is meant for folks who are already well acquainted with toy use.
Ziq is a big boy. Wow, what a chonk! Despite the fearsome appearance, Ziq is a simple creature. He wants merely to enjoy a nice view with a tasty sandwich and some good company. He can be a bit of a handful, but he really does try to be a gentle friend.