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Mystery Date - MISHAP Edition - Aelits and Deelits in Firm Silicone


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**Before buying, please familiarize yourself with our Store Policies and Shipping Policies. For information on silicone firmnesses, please visit the Our Silicone page.**

Welcome to the Mystery Dates from Strange Bedfellas! This is a style of listing that features our Aelit and Deelit models in both sizes (slim and small) in our firm (10A) silicone. The reason they're a mystery is that you won't know what color you'll be receiving until it gets there! There's a preview of the colors in this batch of Mystery Dates in the title image for this listing.

This is a MISHAP Edition! That means all of these toys have something wrong with them and will be discounted accordingly. Type A and B mishaps will be slightly discounted from their normal price, while Type C mishaps will be even cheaper. Please read over the types of mishaps further down before placing an order for one of these toys.

This listing is for pre-made items, which means they will ship out in the same time frame as any of our inventory items. There is not a way to request a certain color for this listing. The whole point is that it's a surprise! If you're not comfortable being surprised by your toy color THIS IS NOT THE LISTING FOR YOU! We DO NOT offer returns or refunds on our products. Dissatisfaction with the color of toy you receive is NOT a reason for a refund. Please be aware of this policy before you buy. 

Mishap types
Type A - These toys have pigment freckles. Because these are made with firm silicone there is not a danger of these pigments escaping the toy. This is mostly an aesthetic issue. These toys may also have some bubbles on the underside of the base.
Type B - These toys have bubbles on the underside of the base. 
Type C - These toys have various dings or nicks or texture issues. We advise customers to take care and be thurough when cleaning these toys. Texture issues are aesthetic, but some of the dings will need cleaning attention. They will still be small enough that they're not overly visible. Some of these toys will have bubbles on the underside of the base.

For Slim and Small Aelit sizing please see Aelit's page for infomation

For Slim and Small Deelit sizing please see Deelit's page for information.