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One Size Wende -- Soft silicone -- W-149


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One Size Wende
Firmness: Soft (0030)
Color: purple, blue, pink, black, glow

Wende is our first seasonal design! It will only be sold in our shop between Black Friday in November through February (that's 3 months a year). Once it hits February we'll pack the molds up until the following November.
Wende’s insertable design only comes in one size. It features a ridged horn that curves at the tip. There are smooth textures down the back of the horn and gentle ridges along the front. It gradually widens towards the base, which is a sculpted furry dragon head. The base is nice and wide so that it's stable for those who wish to ride the toy. The snoot is definitely boopable, even if he's a bit of a grumpy beast.
Wende is a reverse hibernator; he’s active during the coldest months and sleeps the rest of the year. He collects bits of nature’s beauty to decorate his den. Wende is especially fond of rocks carved by wind and colorful driftwood. He enjoys his solitary existence but secretly loves making friends during his waking months. This dragon acts like a big grump, but he actually enjoys taking new friends and dates on chilly flights over his extensive domain. Fun fact: that’s not actually fur, it’s very find feathers covering his body! They’re extremely warm and soft and only his favorite friends get to snuggle up in his poofy down.