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Small Batou MISHAP -- Soft silicone -- B-2763


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Small Batou
Firmness: Soft (0030)
Color: Dreamy Drips - white drips over green, yellow, pink, purple, glow
Mishap: This toy has a very visible silicone fragment on the back of the shaft. This is very much an aesthetic issue, but will not impact use of the toy. Please do not pick at the fragment.

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 5 inches
Useable length: 4 inches
Diameter of the head: 1.5 inches
Circumference of the head: 4.25 inches
Widest shaft diameter: 1.6 inches
Circumference of the shaft: 5 inches
Base diameter: 3 inches

The idea behind Batou’s design was that we wanted to create a dildo that had a fairly humanoid shape with some beastly flair to it. It has a foreskin and a couple of little nubby horns on the head as well as 4 little horns around the base. There are some veins that run along both sides of the model. The shape of this design is very top heavy. It has a bulbous top that’s intended to settle into place, with a smaller shaft towards the base. The balls of the base are very sturdy and allow it to stand on its own.
Batou is a frisky little devil looking for a good friend to spend time with. He enjoys collecting designer sneakers, eating street food, and stretching out on a blanket under the night sky. He's hoping to find a companion he can have some fun with and show a good time!