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Small Horiss MISHAP -- Near Clear 31* silicone -- H-132


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Small Horiss
Firmness: Near Clear 31*
Color: teal purple colorshift, green
Mishap: This toy has a couple of noticible small pigment freckles in the colorshift portions. These are small and we do not believe they will impact the use of the toy, they are mostly an aesthetic issue. Please do not pick at these freckles. There are also some very small bubbles on the underside of the base. This is not an insertable part of the toy, so it does not pose a danger in use.

Approximate Measurements:
Total Length: 6 inches
Useable length: 5.25 inches
Widest shaft diameter: 1.75 inches
Greatest shaft circumference: 4.5 inches
Base diameter: 2.75 inches

The idea behind this design was that we wanted to a dildo that has features typical of horse-style designs, without being too much like an actual horse. There is a long, thick shaft with a variety of textures down the length. There are ridges along one side and bumps along the other. The head isn't as flared as a typical horse toy, but has some fun ridges to make it a bit easier to insert.
The base texture is intended to be stimulating while still being easy to grip.
Horiss is a definite bad boy, be probably has a heart of gold somewhere deep in that fiery chest of his. He's looking for a partner who can handle a wild ride. He enjoys some good harness work, either giving or receiving, but he's not as scary as he looks once you get to know him (but don't tell anyone).