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Small Horiss MISHAP -- Super Soft silicone -- H - 2


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Small Horiss
Firmness: Super Soft (0020)
Color: Dreamy Drip - white drips over pink, yellow, blue, glow
Mishap: There's an abnormal texture on part of the shaft of this toy caused by a mold problem. The texture is very light, it will not impact use of the toy, and it is very hard to see unless close to the toy.

Approximate Measurements:
Total Length: 6 inches
Useable length: 5.25 inches
Widest shaft diameter: 1.75 inches
Greatest shaft circumference: 4.5 inches
Base diameter: 2.75 inches

The idea behind this design was that we wanted to a dildo that has features typical of horse-style designs, without being too much like an actual horse. There is a long, thick shaft with a variety of textures down the length. There are ridges along one side and bumps along the other. The head isn't as flared as a typical horse toy, but has some fun ridges to make it a bit easier to insert.
The base texture is intended to be stimulating while still being easy to grip.
Horiss is a definite bad boy, be probably has a heart of gold somewhere deep in that fiery chest of his. He's looking for a partner who can handle a wild ride. He enjoys some good harness work, either giving or receiving, but he's not as scary as he looks once you get to know him (but don't tell anyone).