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Small Sandworm -- Super Soft silicone -- SW-24


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Small Sandworm
Firmness: Super Soft (0020)
Color: black, white, pale aqua, pale pink, glow

Approximate Measurements:
Total length: 6.5 inches
Useable Length: 4.5 inches
Narrowest Circumference of Tongue: 2 inches
Narrowest Diameter of Tongue: 0.5 inches
Widest Circumference of Tongue: 5.5 inches
Widest Diameter of Tongue: 2.5 inches

This design is called The Sandworm.
This was originally a model created and produced by MonsterSmash, but is now part of our line-up.
The Sandworm features absolutely beautiful sculpting and lovely details. This has a narrow tongue that expands as it goes down. There are soft, nubby teeth lining the mouth, giving the user a bit of playful testure to tease themselves with. Ambitious users may find fun in squeezing the jaws shut to make a larger insertable portion.
Little is known about the colourful yet extremely deadly Sandworm. It resides in the dunes of the afterlife seeking prey to consume, slithering with it’s giant mass through tons and tons of sand dunes.